Health show: My role: Production assistant (PA) and co-editor for  the VT (Avid). Jonny and Linda present a show on general health, how to prevent catching virus and Meningitis symptoms.

Interview with Celia Clarke. It is about the tricorn centre.

This is an interview with Richard Hall a book author about how the brain work with Business and multiple-tasking etc.

This is an interview with Jose Arroyo a blogger and film critic.

Debate Show: My role: Researcher and camera operator for a Live show . I followed camera scripts and responded quickly to the directors instruction. Andrew McCann present a Debate show on Capitalism versus Communism. Would Socialist ideals lead to Communism? and much More

Cooking show: My role during the Live show is Director and for pre-production: Project Manger and Co-editor. The show is on frying pan pizza with Enwezor Nzegwu contender from Bake-off. Cooking with various ingredients can become expensive, but show is all about cooking something that is both very tasty and very affordable to make.

My role: Producer. It is all about performing and feeling happy with Portsmouth Player and their upcoming show 9 to 5. it is about theatrical Portsmouth on Express Fm 93.7.