I am screenplay writer and producer in making with a passion for visual storyteller in commercial film and television. I have a good knowledge of production work in both live TV show and film.I am currently working with My Print Box, as a Production Assistant. My role involves travelling (alongside the team from the company) to different parts of the world, filming, photographing and editing. Through educational and professional life I have gained experiences in Media production work. I have enjoyed working and learning about the different side of media, such as film, TV, editing and Radio. Over the years I have had the opportunity to do different roles for school and small media company such as project manager, production assistant, producer, camera operator and offline editor. Through this I have learned how to work toward  a deadline, flexible working, adaptability, time management and leadership skills. I also have experience with radio production. I was involved in organising a radio show fro Express Fm in Portsmouth.  Furthermore, I had the opportunity to develop a repertoire of technical skills: Avid as an offline editor, Adobe Flash and After effect and have learnt how to use the following cameras JVC 100, JVC 150, JVC HM600, Sony EX3, Sony fs7, Nikon D750 and D810. I worked for the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) channel; I was part of the team that conducted live interviews with some important personnel. The CCI Channel is run by student and staff within the Television & Broadcasting course.I was part of the production team that produced a Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) video for the British Royal Navy. This was extremely challenging for me as I had to deal with a large group of people with diverse background. I had to keep up with everybody’s schedules and ensured that all paperwork was intact and book equipment etc. Importantly, these work experiences have provided me the opportunity to develop the essential number of relevant skills such as time management reflected in working accurately under pressure to meet tight deadlines, communication demonstrated via project writing, team working and interpersonal skills. In summary, I have skills in producing for television and video and screenplay.